Playstation 5 (Raffle Ref – RHR43)


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🕹 Win this Playstation 5 for just £1.45

🎲 Odds Of Winning (Even lower odds if we do not sell out)
🎯 1 Ticket = 600/1
🎯 2 Tickets = 300/1
🎯 5 Tickets = 120/1
🎯 10 Tickets = 60/1

🎯 20 Tickets = 30/1

🎯 50 Tickets = 12/1

🎯 100 Tickets = 6/1

Tickets are limited to 100 tickets per person.

The draw will be done regardless of how many tickets have sold on the 25/07/2021 @ 10pm (Ticket entries close at 9.30pm)

The draw will be done live on Facebook.

The draw will be brought forward if tickets sell out before the countdown timer has finished.

Good Luck 🍀

The next generation of PlayStation is finally here with the arrival of the PS5. This generation, it seems like Sony is sticking with the approach that made the PS4 so successful: sell consoles that can play first-party games from Sony’s storied franchises, and supplement that lineup with great third-party titles, too. You should expect to see better graphics in your games, and the PS5 will also support high refresh rates, which should make games feel smoother (if you have a display that supports those refresh rates). Plus, the PS5’s custom SSD promises to offer such a leap forward in loading speeds that it could change the way games are designed.

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Lottery has finished

Lottery failed because there were no minimal number of participants
Date User Ticket number Answer
October 21, 2021 3:00 pmLottery started


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