Go to our Live raffles page and scroll through the prizes. Pick the one you’d like to win, click into it and add tickets to your cart. Once you pay, you will immediately receive your numbers.
Unfortunately not. Currently, our competitions are only open to people living in the UK.
The costs of the tickets for different prizes vary. You can find the price of the ticket for each prize on its competition page.
By default, each competition will have one week to sell tickets. If by the end of that week less than 80% of tickets have been sold, a one-week extension will be added. A week later, one final one-week extension may be added, meaning the winner will be chosen no more than three weeks after the launch of the competition. If few tickets are sold, Robinhood Raffles reserves the right to make the draw for 70% of the cost of the prize item, instead of the item itself. Once the tickets are sold or the time has run out, the date of the draw is announced.
The winner is drawn at random from all entries in a draw which will be broadcast live on Facebook.
The winner will be announced on our social media. We will contact the winner at the provided contact information, so make sure you keep an eye on your email!
Delivery will be arranged to you for free! We sometimes even hand deliver the prizes to get the chance to meet you and take a photo for our social media and website.
We know it’s hard to believe it when someone promises you your dream car or holiday for just £10. That’s why we purchase all our prizes before the competition and provide genuine photos. We do the draw live, and you can see some of our previous winners on our website or social media.
Please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 07738474704 and 07377000057.